Beta males ...someni hii

Beta males promoted feminism and destroyed values in the hope that liberated sluts would be easy to fuck.

Strong men resisted this change.

Now, in feminist society’s, strong men have unlimited partners and weak men have even less than before.

Feminism was beta self sabotage.

Put her on a pedestal and she will look down on you

I saw pictures of charlize theron making her son wear girls clothing and i just cringed hard man. [ATTACH=full]234717[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]234718[/ATTACH]
This is so wrong on so many levels. That is assault, she is assaulting his mind.

Emasculation of the boy child is REAL, welcome to the gynocracy , where boys are treated like defective girls. A.M.G apana tambua hii maneno

Most of the emasculated men are black. The largest proportion per race population of Gay men in the West are black men.

Brainwashed black people are going to finish their race without the need of large scale genocide.

Its because of planed psychological attacks against black men in the west. Watch all the movies in america, the gay man and transsexuals are always black, its all planed. You watch all the movies and you will see the black women is made the masculine one, they make her the man and the black man the women. In prison black men are known for being gays there, they have successfully managed to emasculate them and the jungu liberals are now trying to spread this agenda to kenya and africa, once we accept this they will win. Emasculated men are defeated, this is why whenever you see something happen in U.S its always black women out marching and only a minority black men, this is why black people in U.S havent progressed at all, the men are mentally defeated and conquered.