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Mum in love triangle ‘arranged battle to the death to decide between two men’

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Wednesday 4 Dec 2019 7:21 am
A divorced mother who was in a love triangle is on trial for getting them to fight one another to see who she would end up dating.
Asta Juskauskiene, 35, was married to Giedruis Juskauskas, 42, but was having an affair with Mantas Kvedaras, 25.
They both claimed her as their own so to settle it she allegedly arranged for them to fight to the death in what was described at Kingston Crown Court as a ‘medieval duel’.
Giedruis was found dying with at least 35 stab wounds to the neck, chest and shoulder on June 17 this year.
Kvedaras, who has admitted murder, started his relationship with Juskauskiene after being released from prison in Lithuania.
However, Giedruis did not want to divorce his wife and they continued to have a sexual relationship.
Prosecutor Hugh Davies said: ‘In their different ways each man felt that they had claims over Asta Juskauskiene. The situation was inevitably going to come to a head.’
They met in Stratford, east London, a day after phone records show them repeatedly communicating with one another.
Mr Davies told the court that Juskauskiene was at the heart of the arrangement.
He said: ‘The prosecution case is that she is a manipulative and controlling figure central to the orchestration of these events.
‘She knew in advance that Mantas Kvederas was intending to use serious violence and cause at least serious harm to Giedrius and she encouraged, assisted and intended to do this.
‘Juskauskiene then actively assisted Mantas in removing his important documents from her house.
‘She harboured him at her house following the murder, she selectively deleted test messages from her mobile telephones before they were seized by police, she lied repeatedly in interview.
‘The prosecution contends that from the point she was told by Mantas Kvaderas immediately following the murder what had happened she has taken steps to distance herself from both him and the events.
Mr Davies said: ‘This was not a fist fight that escalated: it was a murderous assault with a single bladed knife with death as the inevitable outcome.
Juskauskiene denies denies conspiracy to murder and perverting the course of justice.
The trial continues.

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