Beta Male Syndrome
Wanaume kama hawa ni wale wanajiona alpha males, yet ndani yao kumejazwa emotions chungu nzima… Gaseer.
The prime suspect in the gruesome murder of Nairobi businesswoman Monica Kimani, Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, has left many puzzled after he surfaced on Instagram on Friday.

Irungu has been in remand since September 2018.

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However, on Friday, he updated his timeline and deleted all the pictures he took with his former fiancée, Jacque Maribe, leaving only 22 photos on his page.

He then posted a picture of himself in the company of a woman and used a smiling face emoji as the picture’s caption.

The image showed both of them enjoying themselves at an entertainment joint.

The picture shared on Friday on his Instagram account.
Prior to the November 29, 2019 photo, the last picture he had posted on the platform was a poster announcing that he would be a guest on Hot 96 FM mid-morning show, Rhythm Junction, hosted by Willis Raburu and Lulu Saidi on September 11, 2018.

In February, Maribe deleted pictures with Jowie including those from their engagement.

She did, however, spare one in which she pledged to stay with him but later pulled it down. Later, the journalist said she was single and that comedian Eric Omondi and state house official Dennis Itumbi were just friends.

Appearing before Justice James Wakiaga on Thursday, Jowie explained that he has been suffering in remand hence making a fresh bail plea.

Justice Wakiaga, however, adjourned the hearings noting that he will give a ruling on the bail application on February 13, 2020.

In an interview with the Sunday Nation last week, Jowie claimed he was locked up in an isolated room, which harboured a lot of mosquitoes at night.

Inmates in Kenyan prisons are not allowed to possess or use mobile phones.

How’s deleting photos from instragram make one alpha or beta? Kīhįî wewe. Think how to better your life sio hekaya za alpha chieth which doesn’t add any value to your life.

Jowie is not a alpha male. He is not a proud man. He never accepted himself. He never accepted he was a peasant. He associated himself with successful men to feel manly. He cheated he works in high places to feel nice. He lived off a woman’s money. He is a parasite. Maribe knew Jowie only cared about his looks, and beard, thus refused to have his child.
Hapa kwa village tuko na wanaume wengi kama yeye, who have never accepted their station in life.

Fuck your ass with the goddamn comments… swaini. Wewe na Jowi watassup group moja wewe ukiwa admin… Unajifanya hapo mwanaume na pengine umewekwa na mwanamke kama Maribe. Real men define their future.

usiwai amini any woman except your mother

:D:D:D:D:D…jowie the beta male anajua sasa that he is always alone but never lonely.

Haha this statement is very true man. The guy is under solitary confinement, anaongea tu na ukuta!

Leta hekaya in 3D chief!