Beta male scarcity mentality


Ng’ombe hii kwani umekua wapi? Kamiti ama indu?

Brale fekking

Briffault’s Law

(Attention corollary 1)
The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.”

In other words, women do not love men unconditionally. They will only enter into relationships with men when such relationships are beneficial. This should come as no surprise. I would add that the female must not only benefit, but benefit to a sufficient degree, in her mind.
Corollary 1: “Even though a woman has accrued past benefits from her relationship with a man, this is no guarantee of her continuing the relationship with him.”
This translates into “What have you done for me lately?” (This is a distinctly female question. It’s very easy to imagine a female asking it, but not a male.) It has always baffled me the way women in my life seemed to forget all of the good things that I did for them. You can buy them houses and cars, make career sacrifices, give them countess hours of your time, and it is all quickly forgotten.
It doesn’t usually work that way with men. For example, if you help a buddy with some project, it’s automatically accepted that he’ll step up in the future, should you need help with something.

Corollary 2: “If a woman promises a man to continue her relationship with him in the future in exchange for a benefit received from him today, her promise becomes null and void as soon as the benefit is rendered.”
By way of example, I interpret this to mean that a woman may pledge respect to a man if he agrees to marry her, but once he does so she is no longer obligated to be respectful.
Corollary 3: “A man’s promise of a future benefit has limited ability to secure a continuing relationship with a woman, and his promise carries weight with her only to the extent that the woman’s wait for the benefit is short and to the extent that she trusts him to keep his promise.”
This is an important thing for the young guys to understand: eg If you’re in a relationship with a woman, and your career trajectory looks promising, don’t expect her to stick around if you change your plans. If you change majors from business to music, your potential income just dropped, and she’s probably going to go find another business major. That said, if you end up becoming a rock star down the road, then she’ll probably be looking you up.

Hii ndio shida ya kuinvest too much in a woman.

Ubaya wa oneitis, soulmate myth na kutoelewa hypergamy vizuri.

Tutasema Mara ngapi, Stoicism ni kitu muhimu zaidi!!!

Vipi karogi