Beta male Nick Ndeda does a vasectomy for his woman only to break up with the lady one year later

They were claiming to be a “childfree” couple, so this Nick Ndeda idiot went and got a vasectomy to save the woman the stress of birth control pills. Effidence at 48.30:

One year later wameachana :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Another beta bites the dust. I’ll say this again, simps are the lowest of all males in the animal kingdom. A male ant is a gazillion times better than a simp.

I see a bro

Mbuzi sana ii jamaa

A cautionary tale. Never do this.

Maybe he never had a vasectomy. Just a lie he put forward to impress his bitch. Usishangae akipata mtoi yet he cant

You can undo hio upussy

You keep your tadpoles frozen in a sperm bank, then get a vasectomy.

Wewe ushai skia a woman removing her ovaries for you to cushion you against child upkeep?..if he actually did it he’s scúm

Huyu jamaa ana tabia na mienendo ya kishoga

Atleast pipes zinaeza unganishwa though hakuna guarantee atapata niglets, but chances are high if the procidure was done recently

I think vasectomy can be reversed…

But the guy is still chieth in my eyes

Exactly! I also feel vasectomy narrative is a decoy.huyo ni kijana mdogo Sana kufanya vasectomy.fossil Kama John khaminwa tunaeza elewa akifanya vasectomy

:D:D:D things men do for love

Vasectomy is usually reversible within the first four years after surgery. After that, the victim can only fire blanks

kuna video @TruwomanCapote aliweka hapa.
huyo nick alijitoa makende on his own volition

Ebu imagine sitting down and listening to this bull. Yani huyu jamaa ni kama hana makende.


It all narrows down to kikuyu women vs kavirondo men relationships… they never end well for the man… this maragoli needs some thorough beating

The most unfortunate thing is that there is a whole army of men cheering these women on. A guy sitting there listening to a woman wearing a corset to hold her floppy, sagging innards in place talk brazenly about “whoring phase”, and he is just cheering her on. Heheheee…