Beta male ni machos tu.

Ukiona single mother rembo Sana jiulize mbona jamaa akamuacha? Halafu uyu jamaa amemuacha kama mabakishi si amepata kitu ingine sambamba

Ndio nime maliza ku kula 19 year old shi round 3, ako uko kitchen akinitengenezea sandwitch. Anyway huyo beta male apatiwe telegram link yangu

:smiley: ii ni ujinga gani tena

Ngitey ìno ndùri thoni

Another peasant spotted

Good for you!!! now find a cat,a frog a rat to spite the snake

One thing I learned very early in my 20s.

Even if you take her to university, pay dowry, mortgage or school fees for her bastard, a woman will never be satisfied.

In fact, she will cheat and tell you, “nilikuambia unifanyie hizo vitu?”.

Just take your slices and leave.

Aki wewe huwa uko na loose nut somewhere

Ile ushoga iko hii kijiji najihurumia

Single moms are to be toyed with and then fucked raw then unaingia kwa msitu.

Don’t invest in them.

Briffault’s Law. The most fought and denied law, yet has a habit of proving itself over and over again like gravity.

Kuna mahali inendelea kusema ya kwamba;

Even though a woman has accrued past benefits from her relationship with a man, this is no guarantee of her continuing the relationship with him. (Translation: What have you done for me lately?)

If a woman promises a man to continue her relationship with him in the future in exchange for a benefit received from him today, her promise becomes null and void as soon as the benefit is rendered.



Never try to domesticate a kunguru