beta male looking for social media validation



Masingo matha wako hapo kama elfu kumi wakisema volume iongezwe

kumanina zao wote

Mlisema niku mwaga ndani ya singo madha na kutokomea Boni forest…


Siqwezi mwaga ndani mimi

Mwaga kwa butt cheeks au kitovu basi.

:D:D Yenyewe Fb is a dime a dozen zone.

Hehe kuna beta male iko hapo na masingo matha ikisema volume iongezwe.

:D:D Si mmoja. In their heads, wanaongeza chances of association. Njaa ni mbaya aki

Most dumbasses on Facebook and social media, in general, don’t know how attraction works. They think they’ll get pussy by agreeing with everything a woman posts and acting like a female by posting feminist bullshit. Meanwhile, I tend to be brutally honest on Fb, na mtu akiandika upus I call them out and I have had chics hit my inbox na wengine hadi nikakamua. Lakini overall, Facebook and social media is a terrible place to hit on women. Beta males have inflated their egos to the moon.

Mshenzi, it’s only weak, broke, low-intellect wimps who don’t take care of their progeny.

Hehehe you’re on fb – platform for shagsmods, mboches, and other low-intellect beings – and you still think you’re an alpha-male? Ushamba na upumbavu utakumaliza kijana.

FB iko na pages za maana mingi sana, increase your clickage mwondekee upuzi

If you knew anything about advertising on social media and the opportunities there, then you’d understand why Facebook is a gold mine for any smart person. Lakini the fact that you view Fb as a platform for shagzmondos and mboches means you’re a closed-minded, low intellect individual like the cadre of people you’ve mentioned. Lakini no worries. Si wewe ni alpha male juu ya kutotumia fb?:D:D:D

Actually, I managed digital ad + marketing campaigns for big corporations until quite recently, and I know for a fact, being friends with and posting diatribes on frustrated single mothers posts isn’t how you make money on such platforms. Kubali tu wewe in mshamba mshenzi and reform. The duke of mafala za gishagi…:D:D:D

I never said anything about being friends with or posting on single mother posts. But since you sound like one of those juveniles who twist facts to win arguments and spice up their sad little lives, umeshinda basi. Mimi ni fala wa gishagi na wewe ni alpha male hii kijiji mzima. Pick your trophy at the door and go jerk off in it as you chant “Young sponsor is a rich alfa mail! He wins arguments on the internet!”

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