Beta male- Jeff Bezos

Weak man


Hamna shida.
Wamesalimiana twice. (if you know what i mean;);))

Dude is among the richest people on earth…that’s the only label that applies to him

Haven’t you ever noticed that whites don’t have beef with the ex wa current wao? This makes him an alpha. Africans think to be an alpha you have to make sure there is war when you meet your woman’s ex.

This dude earns 15m shillings per min! an amount you might never make in your lifetime…what he earns every 10 seconds
is enough to make your woman orgasm and wet her pants without even being touched…yet he is supposed to be beta and you in your studio apartment is the alpha! endelea na ndoto.

Huyo ghassia is a useless beta

Hapa sex nkama kunywa maji plenty of supply they don’t fight over pussi kama Kenya but women here have very high mileage

Hii ni yako. Whites are quite jealous. Used to watch a series called First 48…n one of the homicide cops said drugs and jealousy are the two top reason people get killed. Followed by robbery.

Na hii ufala ya watu kujiita alpha na beta ilitokea wapi nyinyi ni wolves yesu ama radiation

I don’t see as good ending with this woman. She actually gave her text messages with him to her brother. Including semi nude images. Then her brother sold them to paparazzi for $200k. That’s how he got busted by his wife. This woman is probably a groupie. The guy needs to be really careful.

The dual-mating strategy will probably apply here. The athlete ex is the alpha fucks, and Bezos is the beta bucks. And yes, you can be the richest man in the world and still be a beta. Being alpha isn’t the amount you have in your account, it’s a state of mind. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see a relatively broke dude who donkey fucks a fine girl every weekend without paying her a dime. Probably the chic brings him food or alcohol when she comes over. Meanwhile some moneyed dude has to buy the same girl expensive drinks, take her to expensive dates, road trips, etc alafu time ya kuomba ikus dame anasema ananyesha ama anaambia hiyo beta male she has a boyfriend:D