BETA MALE Issues....Help!

[I]I’ve become involved with a woman I’ve been friends with for some years.
We became close over the course of 2020, and more recently have soft-launched dating
(although she doesn’t yet feel comfortable labeling it).

Not long ago, she expressed great disappointment because of my messiness when I last visited her.
I had left an empty coffee cup on her car floor, my shoes in the middle of her kitchen,
and knocked some pillows off of the couch, among other things.
I know her criticisms are fair, but they were also over the top.

I believe this is a trait I can fix, and I told her I would, but now she wants some space.
She said she isn’t sure she can become romantic with a messy person who doesn’t respect her space.
While I understand where she’s coming from, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to prove myself.
We spoke a little after the incident, but I have tried to honor her request.

Do you have any advice about how to approach the situation?
It would be sad if we parted ways after our first real challenge.
I think it may be important to note that, in the past, she has dated men who weren’t respectful to her at all. [/I]

The messiness is not the issue. Its just a cover. She just wants something to blame for not going embracing dating with mr. messy. When a woman really wants you or likes you, small things like messiness dont make her want to give you space

Tunajua ni wewe. Upus

Mi niko na mwingine lazima nioshe mikono kabla nimguze,hakuna kuingia bed na tshirt imetoka nje. Nyumba yake ni white kila kitu from upholstery to her panties,she is a germophobe. Kama si kuvumilia ju ya mahaba mazito,pale mwanaume kukaa nikujitesa aki ya nani

…simple question, is she the only woman you can date? Ukona upuzi kaka.

It might be a cover but she may also be suffering from OCD.
Messiness is not a “small thing” to someone with that disorder.


Been there done that, Buddy…I hear and feel you.

This one I used to date would shampoo her living room beige carpet daily… you’d be scared to move anything from its spot…:rolleyes:

ako na matako kubwa?

Kubwa ka bladfakin

Can also be true. I agree

That should be an opportunity for you to go sample other lasses, ye hukuja kwako?

Hapana ako na ndogo kama akili yako