Beta male gets the shock of his life

Kuna hii siku I stepped into this popular restaurant in town with my chick. As i sat down I noticed a disgusting scene besides my table, there was this pumbaff beta male eating alone a bugger with a fork and knife. I almost vomited. So like the alpha male i am I ordered a whole fish with ugali, washed my hands and started devouring the thing like nobody’s business.

Beta male could not believe it and kept staring at my table once in a while. So this idiot was alone in a restaurant but felt the need to act totally fake in fear of people’s opinions of him, ati anakula burger with fork and knife to look modern and besides him was an alpha male with a beautiful chick devouring a real manly meal with his bare hands, I hope he took down notes. It was honestly a sad sight.

Beta males cannot mind their business

Once went to Sapee in TRM and asked for a cold tusker, the waitress brought me the bottle plus the glass with a flourish and I gently declined the glass and pambanad na thermos yangu…

My guy, zile looks nilipata from some hoity toity fellows on the next table with their margaritas wacha tu!

I get you man I personally stopped using straws after learning you end up inhaling air which messes up your digestive track.Another reason was it just looked gay. So no matter what kind of establishment i am I always take my soda straight from the bottle with all it’s sweetness and end up getting stares from bitch ass males who will order a soda, pour it in a glass and then use a straw to drink from the said glass. Ferking beta bitches man.

Indeed a sad sight fo both of you !

You go to joints to check out men? Nigga you Gay as f.uck.

what happens ukipata one of those bottles ambazo zimerust kuruka, utafanyaje?

for me mambo ya kukunywa masoda niliacha tangu nione ile video ya mzito bernard hopkins calling soda “liquid crack”.

i hate the bourgeoisie.

And you stupid as hell to note that

At the very most i will pour it in a glass and drink straight out of it like a normal person.


Kama hakuna pesa yako anatumia unajipa shuguli…

Wait, let me get this right… A guy eating a burger with a knife and fork by himself makes him beta? And you’re being serious right here? @Karoga come educate this jamaa here

Mimi nikienda restaurant niletewe whole set up ya vijiko, folk and knife huziweka zote kando na kukula kila kitu na spoon including ugali.
You will stare at me then go your own way.
You don’t know me and chances of meeting me again are very slim.

Whenever I drink beer straight from the bottle I get bloated very quickly so after 2 beers I feel like nimekula food ya wiki mzima.
Does that mean mimi sio alpha?

That would actually make you a beta gay

If this is alpha to you, knock yourself out. Idiot

He will come round and fuck your chick raw

Mwanaume mzima you look around how other MEN are spending their own money?
Vaa leso kubaaaf

Uliacha bhangi?