Beta male:Family Cries for Justice as Woman Allegedly Killed by Lover after Securing Job in Qatar

Police in Nairobi have launched investigations after a woman was allegedly killed in Kahawa West by her boyfriend just three days before leaving the country for Qatar in search of greener pastures.
Joyce Wanjiru Nyambura, 34, is said to have differed with her lover identified as Golden Nyakundi on her decision to leave the country.
According to Wanjiru’s family, the deceased was scheduled to leave for the country in the Middle East on Friday, July 30.
However, she met her untimely death in the hands of her boyfriend before actualizing her dreams.
The family told a local news outlet that Nyakundi fatally stabbed Wanjiru in the abdomen and mouth using a knife before going into hiding.

Wasichana wakikuyu waachane na hizi nyangau za western Kenya. So many are dying in their hands

Kikuyu women are taught and indoctrinated form an early age by third wave feminists that men are trash, especially kikuyu men wenye hawana “kanyamu.” So they think themselves extra smart when they go rummaging in the wild through a mountain of dicks to find one that is attached to a body that is moderately successful and most important, not a kikuyu. Kitu wanasahau ni ati those people come from places where women have eyes and desires. Only the unstable rejects with hidden quirks are left on the roadside for strangers to pic. it’s one thing to find a man not of your tribe through a mutual friend, school, or work. it is another thing entirely to go scouring the ends of the earth with the intention of never marrying of your tribe. No wonder we have a[SIZE=7] 60% rate of single moms in Kenya.[/SIZE]

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