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That is @poyoloko, emasculated to the core, according to @Kodiaga bibi alimtoroka after COVID hit, now the man is scattered all over the place begging for women to accept him.

A true ζ


Are you sure it isn’t pussy nigga @Sambamba

No, Sambamba lacks creativity to even seduce a woman, he spends all his day on twitter and ships some of the tweets here on ktalk

@Sambamba ni maskini wa kawangare ngoso tu akona nayo

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Covid your homosexual ass. A man who makes this amount daily just needs to cough and the girls follow. Maskini kama wewe ndio unabembeleza malaya ya mlolongo ikue bibi mkambondia:D:D[ATTACH=full]373977[/ATTACH]

vic levi hizi pesa si ulipost huko telegram last month. kwani utapost kila saa? Na utumie mama watoto kakitu ghasia


Unaeza kua na 100 Bob mpesa unitumie finje ntalipa next week?