Beta male amepigwa mob justice na watoto wa singo matha

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: another addition to the many reasons you shouldn’t date a singo maza

Singo matha na three yuuuuge sons? The mfhkr had it coming:D:D:D

If you listen closely he says “deuces” just before he leaves and that’s what kicked it off.

Fakkin a singo matha is ok. Dating her is another ballgame altogether

People do that?

We warn here severally do not date a single mother neither marry her but stupid elders here are doing it and defend them - your day is coming.

[SIZE=4]A wise man learns from other men, a foolish man learns from women children and his life experiences … Jmoy 2021 Quote[/SIZE]

Was that him howling in the background


Blacks na violence noma sana.

huyo lazima ni ule malaya singo madha mama ya @Agwambo