Beta commits suicide after expensive wedding.

Two families in Kisumu are mourning their two children who together committed suicide 4 days after their beautiful wedding. According to Sources, the newly married couples allegedly killed themselves because of the huge debt they incurred after their wedding.Mr. & Mrs. Odipo left a note that they were stressed & strained because the beautiful wedding they had, left them with a debt of Ksh 7.9 Million. In the letter, they also stated that they could not go to honeymoon as planned. They blamed those who attended their wedding of coming only to feast with no gifts. ” We are embarrassed & ashamed that we could not start our new life in happiness because you people did not make us happy as we expected, ” the letter reads. A family member who spoke to The Daily Statesman said the wedding was held in a five-star hotel which he declined to mention the hotel’s name. She also revealed that 90 % of those invited were special guests VVIPs & VIPs pointing out the two couples used to brag how their guests will bring gifts in Millions of cash money. She also said 3 choppers were hired one for each family & another for the couple. A neighbor to the husband said he once told him during the wedding preparation that he will use all his savings to finance the wedding since his guests are millionaires who will each come with sh1.5 Million. He added that those who attended the wedding only brought flowers & Best of Luck cards.

Is this for real ? :D:D:D

:D:D:DI highly doubt this story… 7.9m one day

I don’t think this is real



Story for the birds.

wajinga ndio waliwao…better off they did not give birth to offspring as dumb as they were…

There must be another twist to this story. Maybe they were murdered and someone took off with what they received during the wedding.

maneno ya TV usilete Kwa real life

Kama ni hivyo si uhuru ajiue sababu ya deni ya china?

Fake news by the interactive morning team of k24. Shiku Muiruri alienda BBC interactive ika take a nose dive. The only other intelligent presenter amebaki hapo ni Jeff Mote, but outgunned and outnumbered by dimwits masquerading as journos and opinion shapers. Same shit happened when Larry madowo left the trend.

[SIZE=5]I wonder how @Yunomi will still manage to blame this on the ‘white devil’ …[/SIZE]

@Tony254 help him.[/SIZE]

I don’t believe this. I smell a rat. It sounds fishy.

I don’t believe that story. So basically these are beggars who were able to get a bank loan? Where did they get 7.9 M loan from? From their poor relatives? They couldn’t even afford collateral because these were just beggars. This story doesn’t add up. Atafute mwingine wa kudanganya.

Kama walituacha then good riddance lazima tupunguze upuzi Kenya hii.

The Trend iko tu sawa. Madowo wasn’t even that special. Alikuwa tu a loud mouth with fake English.

Kwani wedding ni business opportunity? Si wangefanya post-wedding to offset bills…

Beta males everywhere, see how kungura has led to boy-child terminating his peasant life prematurely

Madowo had content, look at the guys he used to interview compared na saa hii. He also was in-charge, he knew how to steer the conversation. Siku hizi, akina butita wamepewa free reign kuongea ujinga na stale jokes show mzima.