Beta chieth simp and singo matha


I can’t relate. Wacha tuskie maoni ya singo mathas expert @uwesmake

Where to start:officially marry and get that certificate(single mother will need toto be officially divorced).Officially adopt that kid.

In short the man should mind his business

Kunguru hazitakikani kwa hiyo parastatal

@Yuletapeli amezoea kujaza insurance forms for his different side chicks.

He is best placed to advise that dude on how to navigate the bureaucratic nightmare.

Dunia ime advise hiyo ghaseer lakini bado hajaamka

That employer is simply protecting this simp betachiecth but haioni hivyo

Kwani @uwestakataka alinyanganya @Brown Ahai cheo?

Hapo sina clue kabisa…

@uwesmake nde bring that your shit for brains here