Beste yangu in depression after kuachwa na single mother

Jana nilikuwa namumunya whiskey yangu polepole baada ya kukula roast spring chicken. Ghafla bin vuu beshte yangu fulani akaingia ma-area na kuchukua seat karibu na Ile meza tulikuwa. Baada ya masalamu na kujuliana hali, the guy ordered his mzinga of Smirnoff and sat next to me. He seemed unusually quiet and I asked him whether anything was wrong with him. He opened his heart and told me that he was in deep stress after his wife had eloped with another guy. He says that he had invested in the woman a lot and he was in dilemma upon the realisation that he had lost her to another man. I advised him to forget about her and move on with life coz he will soon get a better one. He added that he married the lady when she had one kid from a previous relationship. A baby boy of two years who is currently three and a half years. But he is greatly depressed because the kid had grown to love him and was calling him Baba. He however says that the kid is missing him and keeping in touch through a certain person. He is not ready to let go of the boy.

A 3.5 year old is keeping in touch with him through another person? Okay. He is in depression because he invested in her. Has no one but himself to blame. Wacha iwefunzo kwake.

Yes a neighbor lady

Chifu nirushie like hata kama ni ya kupita tu-

Chifu the way you narrate these hekayas about your percieved cuzos, and bestes with full specific details clearly point to one thing,YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR OWN PREDICAMENT, period.

Ushapata mogaka

Safi sku njema buda

Sio mimi haki

Pia nawe mwanetu

Why would the wife elope with another guy ? i mean, she’s married to him and the kido is so attached to him, then all of a sudden, the wife rans away. is it money that she was after even though the lad married & invested in her and the kido. That lady wasnt after settling, she was aiming for something more shiny than settling with the lad. i bet, she can even hand over the kid to your freind just to decrease hio hustling with the new man.
He ought to know why huyo bibi amemkimbia, its not that its his girlfreind anaeza kuondoka tym yoyote, BUT its his wife. Poor fella.

She appears to be a gold digger who is attracted to flashy lifestyle


Try harder kutuconvince:D

thought of that she’s a gold digger, anyway, i wish that kid could go back to your freind, atleast, coz life is going to be tough for him na mama ndio ivyo.

:D:D:D Tom wewe !

The world will never be short of simps i tell yah.

For a mbirrionaire, you keep shîtty company of watu mashidashida hivi. Mwambie women are like KBS buses of them days, there is always another coming every 10 minutes, if you miss the first one.

Aiiiii show me your friends…etc comes to mind. Along na zile long stories za Jura. BTW how does he keep in touch with a 3y/o via a friend? mama yake akiwa wapi?

I told him so

The lady is a neighbor and the kid visits her often

I have all types of friends