Best Windows operating system

To break a locked compuetr,i have to reinstall a new operating system on that computer (That is what i am going to do next).
But i’m struggling with which operating system to install to replace Windows 10 on that computer.

When you finish struggling tell us so that we can tell what you are thinking.

install Windows Vista

@Deorro saidia kuna jamaa ananiuzia Mac Pro book 13. Year 2009. Is it worth ama ananiuzia scrap. Sande Sana.

Ni scrap metal. And as a general rule, all MacBooks are overpriced scraps.
Apple just makes the chasis and OS. They have nothing to do with the hardware.

MacBook ya 2009 iko na Intel 2nd generation ama? Jesus Christ, nashuku hata Intel Celeron ya 2019 ni more efficient!!

All macbooks have been lagging behind in everything for the past 4 years. Zimekuwa updated but they are still way behind.

Apple is selling a MacBook air for 999$. It has just the latest Intel CPU and a 128GB SSD and 4gb ram .

For the same price, Acer has an offer with
Intel i7 8…H, Nvidia GTX 1650ti and 256GB SSD plus 8GB RAM.

Kwa benchmark yoyote, Apple ends up looking like fools. Nevermind how their 2018 models throttle due to overheating!

I swear by Windows 7. Any variant.

Wazi thanks for the info.

vile umeambiwa na @Le Dante hapo juu.

I would not touch a 2009 laptop hata kama si Macbook
On Macs those things are worthless piece of expensive boxes in the name of laptops.I have a 2018 one for work and it is literally shit. If you want a sleek looking expensive laptop ya Kuringia then buy Dell XPS or Microsoft Surface or Huawei Matebook which miles better than Macs. You will get i7 and superior Nvidia GPU plus better keyboards ooh and more ports too for cheaper reasonable price.

otherwise sema budget yako upewe suggestions

You also swear by viruses

Anakuuzia pesa ngapi?

What viruses?

what’s the point of that video? The guy clearly disableds the protective mechanisms put to protect him

For me windows 10 or 7 is ok. 8 no

Wow,i have never used it.Maybe i will use it in the future.

I used Windows 7 for 6 months before using Windows 10.

As for as i am concerned,Windows 8 is the worst of them all.
I asked 7 of my friends and 5 of them suggested Windows 10.

Windows 7??

Support for Windows 7 is ending

After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. Now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10 will do just fine or *maybe break away and go the Ubuntu way?

I think anything Win7+ should work. The idea is that you want it to be able to recognize the exisisting installation, and move it to .old folder. The older OSs used a text based installer that was not as intuitive. By using them you may very easily accidentally end up reformatting the entire drive. The boot configuration will also be overwritten with older sytle boot loaders, may not have the correct storage drivers etc. Situations you want to avoid.

windows 7 has access to most software