Best way to quit

I think I might have quit my job 5 days n counting.
No turning back

You think!? o_O


Yeah , since last week I haven’t reported to the office & don’t feel like going back.

Sawa wacha savings ziishe ndo utarudi kwa mhindi ka umekunja mkia ukisema “sijui ni shetani mgani aliniingia”

they haven’t noticed you’re missing… meaning your contribution was zero… meaning you’ve just saved them the trouble of having to fire you… Wueh!


You quit without a plan? Utafunzwa na ulimwengu sasa

Sometimes you just have to say What the hell and go for it. Waiting for all the stars to align might never happen leaving you to watch as your dreams die.

I get it. But waiting for “some” stars to align is necessary. This guy just woke up and decided to become a couch potato one day.

Wachana na huyu mjamaa nashuku amekula bet ya kedo 80 sousand hii past weekend sasa anasikia ni ka bank account yake na ya employer zinatoshana but veeeery soon he will know he didn’t know in the first place

best way is to walk to your boss offfice and tell him to suck your dck

sawa, usirudi na thread ya Villegers Saidia

si you refer me to that office coz Mimi huku I badly need a job

A fool and his job…

What’s the story behind it? Alafu it’s better you go and tell your boss you are quitting coz of abc just to avoid burning bridges.
I hope you are quitting because you have found something better to do and not out of laziness.

haya @Necrow ndio hizo slices zimejipa… ama pia hizo ume quit?

How would your situation be is say your company is downsizing or closing shop before your stars align? Or worse, uchujwe before stars align?

As you grow old, you will soon realise, in the fullness of time, that not everyone is motivated by money. I know of guys who quit on ksh.250k plus jobs just coz they were not aligned to their ultimate goals in life to take on something else that tickles them but doesn’t necessarily pay as much. Walikuwa wamejipanga? No.

Some people value their freedom so much that the corporate world is not their cup of tea. We had a talented programming lecturer in college who often got lucrative job offers that some people would die for. Interestingly, the guy would politely decline them instead offering his services as a consultant as he reckoned that such jobs would mess up his freedom.