Best site to advertise my propert to let

Pigia me and buyrent kenya are asking for cash first
Naona nikirukwa
Which site is reliable. Commision always comes after not before

na wewe ukiwaruka?

Facebook and OLX

Listing fee always comes first. Commission on success of letting. Don’t mix up the two.

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anataka server ilipiwe aje? plus they have a good seo

nimeanza na olx tayari.
any other?
am not paying those guys listing fee. that is out of the question.
id rather just give listing fee to sportpesa ama beggers coz result ni same

Facebook kuna groups kadhaa

ndo huyu admin wa pigia me.

Let me guess, it is a stand-alone house. If you don’t live there, sell it and use that money to build an apartment block with 1 bedroom units. Only then will you eliminate this problem you have right now.

Stupidity will be your downfall humans.

There’s nothing like a free lunch. You either pay or you are the one being sold.

Paid service platforms charge for the service. And for the targeted marketing. I’m currently subscribed to a few alerts on sites that send me an email/sms if a half acre parcel in Nyali becomes listed. I’m not paying for this service. The guy who’ll list the land will pay the listing fee, and my enquiry/alert will be sold to him.

Now, for you who doesn’t want to pay for a listing fee, you don’t get targeted market. Your advert will be there right next to a guy looking to rent a horse. Do you think it’s more effective?

Ok, let’s say you don’t want to spend money first? Why? Ever heard of an advertising budget? The alternative would have been using money to send a text to all your contacts and hoping one of them knows someone who is interested in renting out your unit. What are the chances of that? How long will it take ? A month? 3? 6 months? Is 6months rent not worth the listing fee? Maybe it isn’t…

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Open your website and jaza SEO with a whole dictionary of property market and all hashtags of the same and you are good to go