Best series and movies

Watu hebu nipeeni list. The number of series I’m currently following is not enough for my idle time. Na msiniambie series or movies za kitoto ama horror. Nataka some serious action movies/series ama some funny comedies.
Hizi already nafollow so no no
[li]Empire[/li][li]GOT[/li][li]Blacklist[/li][li]Designated Survivor[/li][li]Big Bang Theory[/li][li]Young Sheldon[/li][li]How to Get away with murder[/li][li]Suits[/li][li]The Catch[/li][li]Into the badlands[/li][li]Ray Donovan[/li][li]Scandal[/li][li]Lethal Weapon[/li][/ul]
Meanwhile let’s be proud of our dicks and pussies and share them willingly and happily.


With this kind of indulgence i doubt if your pussy has anything to be happy about

  1. the good doctor
  2. Chicago med sn 3

Bates motel

The Platinuum Life season 1
Bullet Head(Action)
The Pirates Of Somalia(Action)

Waria hio statement yako ya mwisho ndio ya maana sana. Keep it up.

Not loving the synopsis

Medical drama:(

When did Mworia, a manly man, end up having a pussy? I’ll dick your chic and she’ll leave you just to prove my point. The indulgence isn’t much cos I find myself with nothing to watch in between seasons yet I only have weekdays after work. Weekend is for soccer and booze

Tarantula…if you want to laugh your a** off.

The Walking Dead…
Black Jesus…
The librarians…
The magicians…
The grimm…
Survivor remorse…
True blood…
House of cards…

wisdom of the crowd,Ozark,bad blood

Anything with Woody Allen…hands down the most talented movie producer and director in the world.
I just finished watching “Midnight in NewYork.” Superb movie especially if you enjoy art history.

Papa shirandula

Strikeback season 6
The brave

Making of the Mob…

Baywatch 2017
Chips 2015
Hitman’s bodyguard 2017
Mom’s dinner 2017
Daddys home 2017
Blended 2005
American pie 2012
Wedding crashers2005
Pineapple express 2005
My top comedies off the bat