Best scientific papers come from which universities?

Slit eye mofos wako mbele saidi

USA siezi chukua serious anymore. Aside from COVID vile data was just being skewed (albeit WHO pia walikuwa na ukora) they forgo facts for political correctness


Though pia Canada na UK ziko same but at least Canada, Scotland na New Zealand it’s expected given wamama lead them (Trudeau counts as one).


This thing is madly hilarious


Paper ya toileti nini?

Degree muhimu

Pale its very easy to distort data to drive an agenda. Thats why a woke fool’s main argument is, scientists says so and so.

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When it comes to STEM, the Chinese are closing in on the west.

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Mzee mkongwe mushienzi mlawiti retired fagget @Kanguthi niaje ?

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Very true