best positions


Tafuta kanisa uokoke Dunia inaisha

@PHARMACY na mkeo @johntez addi gaza msafi jooni na karatasi mchukue notes ya vile mtafurahishana maghaseer

@uwesmake alisema the most ideal and conventional position ni Missionary with lights out; blanket on top like Batman

Best position ni missionary. Admin close this thread

Jiheshimu mzee mjeenger msenge @kanguthu ,tayarisha mazishi yako pole pole bila kunisumbua [ATTACH=full]465253[/ATTACH]

Nitajaribu seashell na lanye on Thursday

Sea shell is actually my favorite position. Hits very deep and the lady is in a locked position cannot escape my wrath.

Until the she lets loose those gases while cumming. Missionary is still numero uno

Tell us Why … ??? :D:D:D

Hii huwa dawa ya throat[ATTACH=full]465270[/ATTACH]

Valedictorian. Tonight’s gonna be a good good night

Without a doubt…

Nadhani hio stingo inaitwa oyster position. It requires a contortionist to execute properly.

Skinny niggas win all day

Correct skinny to ripped