Best place to buy formal sweaters?

Kinda need one or two…at a price a peasant can afford …something presentable for a work setting…pointers as to a good place to get them would be much appreciated

usiende Muthurwa or Gikosh, kinda expe… just walk kando ya barabar along hood yako utapata mtu anauza. like kobil huko Imara daima

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never been sad about it.


True. Kuna msee flani pale stage ya KenyaPower Roysa huuza sweater poa sana. Then kuna Mam-mboys flani pale Flyover ya Ungem pia Sweater Zao ziko mbele. Konaa Dagoretti pia kuna wasee hutembeza hio route ya Family Bank. Yaani, It’s easier to find these things in the hood mitaani than going to Gikosh or some stall in the Shopping Centers or Town.

getting ua answers from ua fellow peasants…

Thanks guys. Keep them coming

Sticking to one’s lane will save you much anguish

Price range?

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Mostly a sok to 300 depending on the design, color or material.

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Kule nimeona mitaani ni 300 - 800 based on as @WuTang says, Design, color, material and your bargaining power.

adams but usiingie huko toi ndani price 250-400

Tafuta za MS …very nice and long lasting…

MS ni wapi/nini

mtindwa but ni kitu 400 to 500 but ziko fiti

Enda pale kenya Uniforms, thank me later.

Mark Spencer

iko wapi?

hata kama ni Ku sound sophisticated, at least get the wording right ni Marks and Spencer ( M&S)

There is nothing sophisticated about knowing a brand dude?