Best Mutual Fund for starters

Wadau… ICEA, CIC na BRITAM mutual funds gani safi? Returns mzuri?

Weka ICEA , been investing with them for the last 8 yrs

Going with the 3 CIC has a higher percentage return

Thank you sir, will check them out.

What was their average yearly returns?

Agree. CIC has been consistently higher in return.

This is good, did little digging… Not bad compared to Britam

Depends on how much you investing, I got some cash in Britam however to get great returns you have to invest 2m+ & for a minimum 3 months

% return is uniform whether you have invested 1k or 1Mn. The 2mn suggested here may actually discourage some from starting at all. I suggest start with what you can and build the investment brick by brick through e.g monthly contributions.

Exactly, it is for starters btw…what am thinking is rather than the cash hanging kwa bank without making anything it better in a mutual fund for 1 year. I can’t afford the 2m now my good friends.

For starters without 2m…

How much do you earn in interest

U can check how much they pay for fixed amounts at a good Sacco like stima Sacco.