Best medical insurance

Would someone be kind enough to guide me on the best medical insurance in Kenya. I’m a member of NHIF and it has been very helpful, but I’d like my kid to have wider access to medical facilities. Thank you!

Avoid Resolution

Thanks brother


Heard a lot of good things about them, might just consider…I believe they’re on the higher side though. Thanks!

Take up Madison Medical Cover very pocket friendly, very minimal exclusions and most of all recognized in most hospital as efficient and effective covering both outpatient and inpatient.

Very helpful, I’ll pay them a visit and see what’s up. Much appreciated!

cut sugar from his diet. make him do physical exercises daily. hatahitaji io medical insurance.

Zile siku kidogo tumekua kwa lockdown, hakuna case ata moja ya cholera imekua reported kenya.

Satanize, maintain cleanliness, kaa mbali na hospitali.

Thanks but I didn’t ask for health advice, what I need is advice on the best medical insurance provider, my kid is turning 3 and she is very healthy I must say.I rarely give her any of that processed stuff sold in supermarkets… I’m doing this for security purposes, even healthy people go to hospital


Thanks…Had no idea they have medical insurance. Will be sure to check them out

Anyone tried AAR before?

I have been using Jubilee medical for the last 4 years or so, so far so good

Thank you elder

I did.
Didnt have any major incidences so they werent really tested.
Served me well around east africa.
.ug dentist sorted out me and girlfriends teeth.
.ke sana sana ilikuwa doctors medical reports na vitu ndogo ndogo kama kaswende…just kidding kenyatalk vibe…malaria.
Excelent service. Sijui about these days.
Actually pia ka niko bom 2 i sought advice from them on gaining weight (for sporting purposes) walini assess na kurecommend some quality supplements na i would go for monthly monitoring check ups.

What is up with Pete Nduati?

Wait a minute sir…make a child do physical exercises everyday while his bones are still forming? which exercises are these?

she’s 3, nilikuwa nafikiria ni mtoto ako shule time ya io comment

But even mtoto wa primary school aaai…I think what they do at breaktime and lunchtime in school is enough. And around the estates ama ocha on weekends.
He still needs that medical cover tho.

Lol najua ata akuna mtu anaeza tumia insurance kusort kaswende haha… but really I can’t thank you enough for this info, very helpful. I also used to go to their hospitals for my child’s clinic and I loved their services.
Thanks you so much man!