Any best massage best in town?

Inbox turdmean aku pee directions za room 254 iko na atwoli na uwes kama massause

Fixed above. now, I reply. The best pussy is the one you have never tasted.

[ATTACH=full]331145[/ATTACH] – try this place alot hot girls to choose from… clean and let me get your feed back

Kama anaona he can respond

Weee hii kali. Where the p…ies found?

Thanks man. I will

@Agwambo saidia hii kijana

:D:D Huyu anafaa kufungua consultancy.

Ask agwambo.he knows all locations of all women in kenya

@Agwambo come help Kiongoz

Call this lady 0781019302, she is Nairobi CBD, at the junction of Latema rd and River rd.
Massage plus extra @ only 1,000. Threesome at 1,500.
Thank me later.