Best laptop deal in Nairobi

Which shop in the CBD is known to have the best prices for laptops? I know of Bestel and Ebrahims but was wondering if there are lesser known shops with even better prices

bestseller yalla towers 2[FONT=Courier New]nd[/FONT][FONT=Arial] floor[/FONT]

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I have the best laptops bro, ranging from HP,TOSHIBA, LENOVO…
Processor :celeron, core i3, i5, i7
Various storage capacity from 500GB.
I sold 2 core i5 hp laptops, and a printer to one @ochithunder.

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Talk to me @Massive101 i get u the best deal

i7 6700 naweza pata? iwe na ssd na Nvidia gtx 900+


With honesty, hiyo type sina but naweza kukutafutia at fair price by tomorrow.

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Bestell usidhubutu hata kidogo, Ebrahims bei zao ziko juu sana. Watu wako sawa na bei ni Fusions Technology, ita fute hapo Facebook

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My conversation with @ochithunder last month

Vile @Deorro amesema. Top of the range i7 processor, some SSD storage, and a GPU worth writing home about.

can you afford it ndio swali? Hata core 13 ni laptop sawa. Usiitishe juu nimesema halafu you fail to buy

@Massive101 which one do u want, ndio nijaribu by kesho

I had similar specs in mind. Any way its mostly the SSD I want. Jumia only have 64GB SSD. I wanted atleast 256GB. if the price is right then money will change hands

As stated before, i7 processor, 256 SSD, and top of the range Nvidia GPU.

Import SSD.

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Sawa let me work on it tomorrow.

17 inch (screen) laptops hupatikana shop gani? Asking for a friend

@ranjeet anakupatia loan ununue?

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True dat. And good after sales service too!!