Best Investment decision you ever made for yourself.


Bought 20 bitcoins a decade ago when I was a student in South Africa

Great decision .Have you sold some of them?

Hii inakaa jaba tu

Bought 50 amazon shares back in 1999.

Not getting into plantation

uliweka wapi penye mtgox hawakukula?

Nilijenga nyumba za mabati twenty za kurent uko eldoret

uliweka wapi penye mtgox hawakukula?

Share your top 5.


Ala…hamjui jokes…

bougth 1000 tesla shares in early 2000s

The monk who sold his Ferrari
Poor dad,rich dad
Seven habits of highly effective people
48 laws of power
Subtle art of not giving a fuck
Confessions…just to name a few…
There are also varying topics on contemporary issues…I just named a few I felt have had a huge impact on me.

Umegonga miaka ngapi?

Vanity of vanities

reading self help of books is the stuff of the weak, you should face life from your own unique perspective and never let anyone try to influence or brainwash you

For starters like you who feel the world revolves around them ,did you learn everything by yourself or did you learn from others ,then you gradually built your own experiences /knowledge pool? It is fools like you who feel they have monopoly over everything ,it makes me worried about what world we are living in ,you sound like an empty debe ,and those make the loudest noise.

Basically this, wasee who read get rich self help books are low IQ gullible fools. @El Chapo Guzman you should be reading philosophy, world history, classic literature etc not sijui rich dad poor dad mara 48 laws of power

Buying 20acres for 400k. Sasa nimejaza mbuzi Karibu 70