Best Erection Herbal pill iko wapi?

Hi guys

Haki nisaidieni kupata best erection herbal pills. Im having bad weekends na mama sana. Kitu imekataa kusimama. Is there a speciality shop? Hata kama ni westlands. The ones I buy ni useless. Saidia a 40 something year old…

Sijawahi amini ati mjulus inaeza kataa kuamka…anyway, punguza

Kunywa maziwa kila siku, it will improve. Avoid masturbation

Pole @Pete78 . You are only 41 or 42.Enda kwa daktari to discover the underlying issue making you have a weak erection

Stop using pills…thats cheating.

eat healthy, extra proteins, drink enough of water. Punguza beer. acha kunyonga monkey sana. if you can do some moderate activity (cardio work out), the better. you don’t need those pills, but also make sure your wallet is good enough; trust me, a healthy wallet is a psychological aphrodisiac even to a man, it boosts confidence. 42 is your prime time, when you should be fucking those hot 21 to 25-year-olds you could not afford when you were below 30. am taking my fair shot on those kienyenji kungurus at this age and cant complain. some little cash for their upkeep and you are in their pants. the sight of mjulus splitting a young camel toe is enough to make even a 70-year-old get a hard erection.

Bingwa utaonyesha kijiji maneno umbwa hii

Jaribu “Mukhobero” ( Mondia Whitei ) …
Even DJ Mo uses it …


Hehehe stop lying to him. This old man can barely get it up…unafikiria ndio atawezana na libido ya 23-year-old chicks wenye wamezoea kulimwa usiku kucha na vijana wadogo? They will just eat his money, despise him and leave him high and dry. He does not need that.

My advice: Acha na pombe, esp the hard stuff, hit the gym atleast 5 times a week, cut back on carbs and double on lean proteins, sleep atleast 8 hours a day, and most importantly, give yourself a break. The world won’t end just cause u are not as lethal as when you were 20-years-old.

You guys talk about how women hitting the wall all day long but u forget one thing…father time does not discriminate either. Men too are susceptible to the damage caused by the ticking clock - considering the type of processed shit that we eat nowadays- and if one does not take deliberate measures to stomp it out, u will be nothing but a shell by 50.

the satisfaction is meant to be his not the girl’s. he does not owe any girl an all night, the girl can return to his classmates for extended shaggging; most important is that the guy fucks a young thingy even if it is one round and walks away. last Christmas I snatched a 20-year old (my half-year challenge) who has a 21-year boyfriend. the ikus was spot on I dry fried. Pocket damage 15k smartphone, all she asked. am checking at her facebook profile flossing with his boyfriend, and siping my drink happily. she is after the cash, am after luscious cameltoe with low mileage.

Ukimwi sio homa kaka. Otherwise nice score

Wewe hupatia mama haki yake weekends only? Na bado unalemewa? Fanya tizi. wachana na sukari. wachana na simple carbs. usikule chapati, rice na ugali. Kula nduma, cassava, malenge, sweet potatoes . Run 50km weekly. Lift weights. [ATTACH=full]284799[/ATTACH]

Mzae kwani umefanya kila kitu duniani? Ama hizi zako ni zile @Story of a giant za filthy dingy dark mogoka dens


Hii sasa ni kuabudu kuma. 15K just for a one night shag, u see that girl ain’t stupid next time itakuwa 30K…and so on and so forth. And dont forget she has a nigga on the side, so wewe ndio unamtafuta not the other way round - which ofcos doubles the chance ya kutoanishwa zaidi. Hardly a solution.

Manze 15k for sex what a waste

Ati DJ moh hucheat size 8.Size 8 anavumilia tu ndoa

You can just tell by how that woman tries too hard on social media to paint a rosy family that all is not well. She is just bidding her time watoto wakishakuwa wakubwa, she will take moh to the cleaners. Thats is guaranteed, women dont just forget some things.

15k? Hata kama iko jeez

ambia uyu mama mtu nyonye bishopu before mechi kwanza