Best crossover

Guys which is the best between Honda CR-V and RAV-4,also is it cheaper to source 150k mileage or buy locally?

Get the Rav 4 prime. But I heard Kenyans don’t get the 2023 models.

Personally, I wouldn’t go with either. When I was shopping for a crossover, it eventually came down to the Genesis GV70 vs the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

I went with the Stelvio.

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Mdau Salvador Gaetano wanauza normal Hyundai models, genesis hatuwezi fika bei

RAV-4 is best

The Hyundai brand has really upped their game even with their regular models. For example, this girl I’m seeing has a Hyundai Elantra N and that car revs!

Another brand that’s been on the up and up is the Kia. Yeah, a fucking Kia. I couldn’t even believe it. They have a Kia Forte sedan that’s very sporty and their SUVs have a really stylish and sporty look.

I think every car brand has really gone a notch higher. Even the 2023 Toyota Prius is nothing to scoff at. It’s fucking good!

Note: I’m talking about brands that are post 2021. Not tusks predating 2020. The ones in Kenya seem to be 2015 models, wueh! Shithole country gonna shithole


Toyota Kenya, Salvador Gaetano, DT Dobie and CMC all have 2023 models for sale.

Kaka, si unatuchukia sisi wakenya sana. Huna mpango wa kurudi huku miaka yako ya jua kutua ikifika? Kumbuka pia huko uliko mambo yaweza yakaenda mrama, hususan vyenye ‘Geopolitics’ zainvyoendelea kwa wakati huu. Kama vyenye waingereza walivyosema, “The only constant is change”. It can either be good or bad, positive or negative, and the general trend nowadays is towards bad and negative…

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Hiyo Harrier mupya inakaa mzuri buana.

I am Kenya’s biggest fan and most proud citizen. What I hate is that Kenyans can’t govern. They also can’t seem to figure out solutions to help themselves.

Other than that, I am a proud Kikuyu from Nyeri.

CRV iko tu sawa 2400Cc petrol. Niko na moja solid like a tank and very utilitarian

Mwanaume wa nyeri hata uende mbinguni bado ni shit to me. Udaku mingi no wonder your women beat you.