Best, Cheapest Body Shop

A startup I have interests has two small cars that keep getting knocked by mats and others. I hate cars with dents but I am also getting tired of paying tidy sums - about 15K - for repairs every other month.

Does any of you know of a good [SIZE=6]cheap[/SIZE] body shop around Inda/LA/Ngong Road/Rongai? Cheap but very professional. We could get into an arrangement with them.

Much obliged…

What of South B?

Cheap and professional in the same sentence? All the best!

dereva apeleke gari vizuri. every month?

Kuya capirro zenda yava tukunywe mocchachino

Cheap and professional[ATTACH=full]158597[/ATTACH]

Osha vikombe polepole, wacha kusumbua.


Talk to me I can hook you up with my mech in South b

I have one there too, that’s why I was asking him

Oh…ok…we can exchange mechs ([SIZE=2]and fluids too[/SIZE]) some time then

he is not yours, you just take your car to his shop for repairs! [SIZE=1]#Justsaying[/SIZE]

The former sounds great!

The latter…I’ll take under advisement :smiley:

Honey, I’ve deeply rolled my eyes to this comment.

:D:D:D:D:D:D…cheza chini…you must have noted the handwriting was really small

Ongea poa na @introvert small cars ni kama nduthi tuu anaeza kuchapia panel beating kwa bei ya kijiji

Cheap and professional zinaendanisha kama kuoga na kukojoa kwa bafu.

I luv @Phenomenal Women , very gorgeous and confident.

kuna watu walirecomend VAS AUTO CENTRE a while ago.

Mmmhh…so it’s my attention that you wanted. You’d have just said so instead of trying to poke me :slight_smile: