Best Banks in Kenya

Hello Folks! Kindly suggest kenya banks that offer best services and what are pro and cons on kenya Banks?

KCB - owned by the state so you know it’ll always be there and in the worst case, GOK could bail you guys out in case of a disaster.

Akina James Mwangi na Uhuru wakiingia private jets en route to Panama na Patel ashike flight to Tamil Nadu for good you’ll never see them again.

Ata AppleBee akifunga microfinance yake apotelee Buenos Aires you’ll only see him in Zion.


Nimeskia about I&M bank but not sure, anybody with more info?

I bank with them, especially because bank to m-pesa is free, and they have online systems that actually work.
Interests za savings ndo ziko chini but they have multiple saving options. I wanna visit them to clear that up.
But I’d recommend them.

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Bank zote ziko poa, lakini itategemea specific needs zako ni zipi. Kuna bank poa kwa yule mtu ako biashara ya mali mali, mwalimu needs zake ni tofauti na yule mtu ana import mzigo kutoka nje, na wataenda banks tofauti na zote zitakuwa sawa kwa mahitaji yao.


Family iko aje wadau

I have Executive Bank account with Cooperative bank. No lines…waiting area huwa na coffee ya ku sip as you wait. But you have to maintain a certain balance to enjoy the perks

Join yangu ya KCB (Kondolo Commercial Bank) KRA na Kenya Kwisha hawawezi ifikia

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What about standard chartered bank

this guys are racist, its more of a Bank for indians. Ask any senior manager