Best Bank for Small Business

Which bank do you guys think is the best in terms of supporting small businesses? I know they are all sharks who only think about their bottom line but in terms of products, charges et al which one do you think is the least “evil” in a biashara kind of way? FCB? UBA? Toeni maoni.

Jamii Bora.



Credit bank


Why do you have a small business… A lot about success is attitude.

If you view yourself small, then quit playing in this big ferkn world

Ikwiti kwa mwangi ndio kila common mwananchi yuko. tembea huko. Ama Jaribu Unaitas Sacco.

Following closely I have a business plan that needs financing.

Munene leo Kenya polis sacco imelipa dividends aje? I understand mlikuwa na AGM

tell me more . have you succeeded in getting a loan or something

i have put some huge cash in here. I have personal vested interest here. have you too ?

how much you looking into

Taifa sacco.

Unaitas ama?

yes formerly muramati

amazing sacco…no wonder they are the biggest in kenya.They understand business

OK,tell us the name of your big business that you set up with your successful attitude.

do you have stake in there

The biggest hardware business in Dadaab which has supplied WFP and other UN agencies, Adeso, LWF