Best animation 2017

if you watch this cartoon “COCO” , you’ll understand what Jungus think about life after death.What if we, we took this animation & what it portrays as the actual life cycle.
Ill recommend it to our seniors @FieldMarshal CouchP , @Meria Mata. There is still a chance,all you need is to leave your photo mounted on that wall.

Coco is a story about Mexicans bana.

You can also check out this trailer. My Cartoon President. Been checking its trailers out on YouTube. It has me hooked already. Can’t wait for it to officially chuck out

It’s has 3 episodes out so far maybe 4.i saw the pilot iko poa sana

sawa, philosopher

i wonder how you FOOLS yes i said FOOLS get the american Trump jokes as if you live in the US , nimejaribu naona ni story zao inhouse thats why nawaita FOOLS kama munafuatanga story inhouse za US .

Fool ni wewe. Anyone who watches CNN or BBC regularly gets them. Even family guy is mostly American inside Jokes and has a following across the world.

Hizo gilbeys imbo zimekill grey matter yako