Best android spy apk

Kunna vile kitunguu inaweza nuka hii friday if i can get a good incognito android spy app, that forwards sms, watsap convo and general call logs… It needs to an app that can run incgnito in the victims phone. The ninja does not mind kama kuna subscription to pay. Kindly magwiji hio sector recommend.

Kunguru hafugiki na ukiwachwa achika

Kunguru hafugiki. Do that guy(you) a favour and let him know the wisdom in this statement.

chukua slices zako na uende

If you dont trust them why invest your money, time, resources ad nauseam on them ???

Tembeza ndula nanii !!

Paraguru hafugiki

Enyi waupuzi, hii ni biz… Si maneno ya kunguru Wangu!. Jamaa anataka solid efdense ndio awachane na kunguru wake.lakini…kawaida boy child instead ya kupeana support… Heri waone Meli imezama. Wanshenz nyie!

Cerberus app as recommended by @Deorro. Tayarisha 10 Euros

Maxxspy is best, i have used for almost 3 years now on different women. It gives you location, sms, call logs plus records all calls for you,whatsapp messeges, access to gallery photos, music etc,web history plus access to a few apps like viber, facebook, wechat. You can view all this information from your phone or computer. Tried and tested by me but you have to pay $30 3k monthly ama $120 12k per year via paypal.
But mwambie akuwe prepared, what i see in these phones can really change your opinion on any one you care about and mess up any kind of relationships

asipopeana evidence hawezi mwacha?

Remember, if you dont already trust your significant other, if you suspect them then there’s no point of being together .

Wacha umama! Kama umewaikuwa na mwanamke in your life utajua kuna wale hu deny everthing hadi you table concerete efdense ndio maisha iendelee kama kawaida na yeye amove on…

how many excuses will you use to describe the Beta male that you are? We get it already. Na ukumbuke kuosha vyombo before arudi home

Badala yaaa hiii stress yote pea mm job nikuletee evidence …kunguru hafunguki

Heri aoshe vyombo pekee yake instead ya ku swim in some buggaz cum.

There is one for recording calls called RMC. It can record calls, upload to google drive and delete the recording from the phone. You can actually hide it and only access by dialing a USSD-like code. Fee note coming shortly.

sasa, kama umepewa kazi and many apps proposed here seems like you must access target phone, how will you go about it?

As a told someone a few days ago…Mimi nikapata hio app kwa simu yangu…ama I find out you are reading my mails and everything napeleka evidence cid, safcom, google wote wote…sijali kama wewe ni bibi ama nani…ndio utoke ndani utauza familia yako yote

Thats not an issue for the guy… He has that figured out already.