Best Android Games 2016

I recently bought a certain android phone and I have to say I have been really missing out on gaming. Never been much of a big fan of mobile gaming but this beast plays games like a m****fucker. I thought the experience would not be as good.

  1. Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5: BlackOut - Hands down the best mobile FPS. Graphics are top notch, controls are easy and perfect. In terms of customization it rivals any PC FPS. Has a really nice multiplayer mode.

  2. Dead Trigger 2 - Kill a bunch of zombies stuff. Graphics ziko on point

  3. EA Fifa 16 - I only play the multiplayer bit. High end graphics as well but the matches are just too short.

  4. Mortal Kombat X - Sick graphics and easy controls

  5. Shadow Fight 2 - A ninja action game.

  6. EA Sports: UFC - Electronic Arts have always been the best studio on sport games. Made me uninstall Fight Club immediately I installed this

  7. Ultimate Tennis

  8. EA - Need for Speed No Limits - This definitely has the best controls for a racing game. i.e. no need to tilt the phone when playing which makes one look dumb and gameplay uncomfortable e.g. when lying down on the couch…see, Gameloft’s Asphalt 8 which I uninstalled for this shit. As with other EA games except UFC the race time is just too short so I will be uninstalling it soon.

  9. Call Of Duty Heroes - Strategy game

  10. Ubisoft’s Pirates - I never thought I was going to ever enjoy a game involving ship battles. This changed my mind.


  1. EA SIM CITY - Installed but never played. Pending uninstallation very soon.
  2. EA - NBA LIVE - Very decent but I haven’t found myself playing it.
  3. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag - Doesn’t allow you to login via Google Play until you create a Ubisoft account so I will keep off till I have nothing else to do then come back to this. :D:D

What games are you currently playing or have played? I like FPS games a lot. I have played the best of sport games; I think.

NFS most wanted… Best racing game.

Clash of clans , gunship battle Clash of queens

Solitaire :):slight_smile:


Awesome list…I also recently updated my android smartphone and i must admit that its truly a beast when it comes to gaming. The graphics are truly jaw dropping in games such as Assassin creed identity and fifa 16.
Here some of the games i currently have installed. As you can probably tell am a huge fan of racing games.

And here is what they cost in terms of storage space

pokemon GO is addicting in a not so good way

Clash of Clans.

No telltale games come on plus league of stickman+ emulators playing dragon quest 2

ubaya ya modern combat ni you cant play offline

Extensive list. I will download a few

Have played several, among the mentioned. But dream league soccer has remained with me. Have played DLS2015 now in 2016.

You can play offline and online.

12gb of games ni simu gani hiyo

Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro

How are this xiaomi phones your reviews?

hehe unatembeanga town kutafuta hizo points?