Best Android Box

I have a digital TV and I’m looking at ways to improve my browsing & TV experience. Accordingly, I’m looking for an android box.

Tech nerds and the rest, what’s the best box in the market.

My internet speed is 10mps
Mainly using it for Netflix, youtube and streaming football.

Referrals will be greatly appreciated. Niko hapa Thika Road.

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anyway @Deorro and @patco can help you here. if not, @M2Random

Si uchukue Amazon firestick.

you can get a mi box or if you are rich buy a nvidia shield

Want a good box buy Nvidia shield, if you just need a good streaming box buy any average box around, even your net speed is average

Dedicate your old unused laptop to the TV.

I think you are acting not dumb per see.

Get a Mi Box by Xiaomi
That one is certified by Google
Don’t touch those cheap android boxes. They run a modified android os. They are basically phones with extra ports and without screens. True Android boxes run android TV os. Not Android Os. There is a difference and people seem not to know. Those other android boxes can only stream Netflix at 480p. Mi Box can do FHD and above. Plus most apps for Android TV Os are optimized for it (have UI easily controlled using a remote) unlike the cheap android Os boxes that run the phone mobile playstore so you get all the apps but they are unoptimized and are meant to be controlled by touch.
Plus cheap android boxes struggle to run apps.

Get any certified by Google (DRMs certification such that Netflix plays anything above 720p) android Tv Os.

If you have the money, get the Nvidia shield. It’s several years old but it’s still the best box. Nvidia still occasionally provides system updates for it. It has its own games plus androids because of it’s ultra powerful TEGRA GPU. If you have a Nvidia GPU on your Laptop or PC, you can stream games to your Nvidia Shield i.e TV using it.

I have used the basic Mx Pro android box that I bought for 6k 4 years ago na sioni shida. I have rebooted once

Amazon firestick or Mx pro

I use the x96 mini. It costs around 6k. The app that I use most is Morpheus which I have also installed on my windows box. So far so good