best and worst matches in worldcup 2018

Since this world cup began in June which matches did you find to be the best and worst??

For me:

portugal vs spain
iran vs spain
croatia vs denmark
russia vs croatia (this was a masterpiece truth be told)

colombia vs england

I agree, Portugal - Spain was breathtaking to say the least.
France - Argentina was horribly nice. :smiley: Goalfest, entertaining all through.

Worst games:
France - Denmark: The only goalless game of the tourney so far I think.
Belgium - England: Both teams fielded reserves and both sets of reserves were as exciting as unflavoured oatmeal.

The Japan one made me laugh. From 2 up to losing 3-2 in injury time.

Belgium-England was a shame to the tournament & mockery to the beautiful game of football even though I’ve a feeling they will redeem themselves during a rematch in final or third place.

Spain /Russia was the most shittiest game I ever watched

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#TEAM KENYA haitawahi kosa anywhere in this world.Flag always high.

This swedish defender #MARTIN OLSSON turned out to be a kikuyu guy.With mum originating from kenya and dad being a swed.

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Guidetti also played football in Kibra when his father was working in Kenya.


france vs argentina
japan vs belgium

worst was colombia vs england, hapo ref alikua amelipwa na 3lions

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Did you watch Belgium Vs Brazil?



Most boring -Spain/Russia
Best - Belgium/Japan, France/Argentina