Bernie Sanders explains why the US overthrows governments


Very sad that he is a politician. He is in a group that he does not belong to.

Frank Democrat

All political history is about economics and special interests, never about what the so called “common people” want. (Who cares for what is common? It’s dispensable!)
In fact the joke is always on the gullible masses who imagine that some powerful person out there is fighting for them. The strong men always win–for themselves.

Next year we’re about to re learn that lesson


That ain’t Bernie Sanders

Who’s that,m

[SIZE=7]Patrice Lumumba[/SIZE]

What people look for is not someone to fight for them, but a stable power structure in which they have a bargain. the commoner, who produces everything has to make a triumvirate with the political class and the big business/bourgeoise. interests of the political class have to be served as well as those of the commoner and those of big business/bourgeoise. there is nothing like someone fighting for the other. the only reason the commoners are considered the source of power is because they produce everything. without them, there is nothing.

Well put, except that the big business owners and the political class are really just one strong rope with double strands, and it dangles itself as a help and problem solver to the common people as they try to climb out of their hole of poverty. Woe to anyone who buys that narrative.

1984 was a real eye opener on the classes

of course, the political and the bourgeoise classes sometimes wants to merge, but they are never exactly the same class. if they are the same class the whole thing becomes unstable. ideally, the commoner is the working class. if developed well enough, it should be able to bargain for decent basics which are necessary for a “happy” life. that’s all is needed for that class. the very developed nations are probably half way there or a third way.

How can they when the horizons of their minds are full of petty squabbles, idle gossip, soccer, drugs and above all gambling.

of course severe underdevelopment brings this stuff in the working class. however, the working class is never lacking of petty vices because it is near the bottom strata in terms of ability to develop strategy.

You’ve described Vumbistan’s bar rooms on an ordinary Friday evening

Biden na Hillary waliogopa huyu Sanders and rigged him out of the nomination b4 waibie Trump kura

Biden+Clintons+Obama= The axis of evil

Sasa yeye ni part of the system. The mzee amekuwa rigged so many times by democrats mpaka ameamua kufuata line.