mtoto wa kirubi pale hilton[ATTACH=full]190801[/ATTACH]

Umemuonaje na umeangalia side ya Archives?

kwani alipitia dondori

Can afford a Bentley but not nice looking plates???

business card ninayo, picha unataka ya gari ama dereva??

Unajua plates hii Kenya hutengenezwa na bitterness na wafungwa wewe, ama una-hate for the sake of it?


Some cars you don’t buy to drive. If you can afford this you can afford a driver, custom number plates and a daily car wash,

Nouveau riche


Bentley Continental GT looks better to me. However, congrats to the owner.

bentley mulsanne.sweet ride

@Meria Mata kwani ulimpa kcr zote za ktalk akanunua Bentley.

Every time I see such a car in Nairobi I think of our roads and know that there are places it can never go.

I also hate following a low sedan trying to navigate bumps sideways and extremely slowly.

Continental GT iko sawa but ni two seater.That is a ‘weekend’ type of car which you own as your second or third car for fun rides around the city suburbs.

this type of car siwezi andika driver,all the sweetness to myself

roads you are mentioning mwenye huyu mtoto anaenda huko kufanya nini

Hehehe tiga waana
All the Ktalk KCr haiwes maintain Hio gari for a week let alone buy it.
Bei yake ni same na 5 msedes trucks ambazo zinaingiza kakitu weekly

I had to do a quick google search na sio pesa nyingi saaaana

Did I mention specific roads, and have you been to Hurlingham lately, for example?