Bensouda Visits Bujumbura

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Gado is just gross - hizo ni makagary na bungoloski hapo second right? Serre!

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Sometimes I think he does try a little too hard


The president of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is facing calls to resign after it emerged that she may have received financial rewards said to be in millions of dollars to ensure the indictment of Sudanese President Omar al Bashir.[/B]

Information reaching The London Evening Post here say that between 2004 and 2015, Argentinian-born ICC President Judge Silvia Alejandra Fernández de Gurmendi allegedly received into her private bank accounts at Banco Popular in the Virgin Islands, the First Caribbean Bank in the Bahamas and the Congregation B’nai Israel unexplained funds mounting to over US$17million that was allegedly used to bribe witnesses that enabled the ICC to indict the Sudanese leader.

The funds are alleged to have been channelled through Judge de Gurmendi’s accounts by Barting Holding Ltd, Atlantic Corporation, Genesis International Holdings and Napex International, all of which are offshore financial companies, who allegedly made wire transfers ranging from US$150,000-US$250,000 to the judge’s bank accounts. It is alleged that these funds were made available to Judge de Gurmendi during the time that President Bashir was under investigation and the ICC was looking for evidence to indict him.

It has been further alleged that funds channelled through Judge de Gurmendi’s accounts were allegedly distributed by her to groups in Darfur including the Sudan Liberation Movement, formerly the Darfur Liberation Front founded by Abdul Wahid al Nur and others in 2002. Appointed ICC President in March last year, de Gurmendi is alleged to have used the funds to ‘recruit, coach and fake evidence and witnesses to testify against President Bashir’.

Critics everywhere

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They want him to go easy on a guy jailing school children for drawing funny pictures of him. Gado dared to draw Arap Mashamba and Muthamaki and the tribalist can’t take it.


He has to be gross to show the gravity of the situation. He is not a choir master for heaven’s sake.

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BARF!! The butcher’s display inludes a human head, a balls and penis set, and a pair of buttocks that happened to have a pre-bored orifice for the meat hook.

If anybody (Bensouda included) still holds doubts about Nkuruziza’s Burundi, or has forgotten Rwanda '94, mmekumbushwa.

@introvert, please maintain your humorous style. This Gado approach (shock 'n gore!) is like taking a mallet to kill a fruit fly.

Bensuda is corrupt just like jubilee