Bensouda kimeumana


Trump as a commander-in-chief has shown he will do anything to protect his soldiers. Hapa ana ambia maboyz Niko nyuma Ki @uwesmake .
Hapana tambua ICC chieth America is not bound by that kangaroo court.

“When you rattle a snake you should be prepared to get bitten” - Abraham Lincoln

Maybe now they will go back to being used by their masters to target non Europeans especially Africans only.

and Is it a coincidence that both are Africans? Are they the only ones involved in the American case?

Yeah! Abraham John Michuki!

I just wonder if little girls and women who were raped with broken bottles would care from which direction justice came from.
Or are you part of the group, preoccupied with saving two grown men, than giving healing those who lost or were permanently damaged from what took place.

T.Vercetti only msito is bad

Mbona afghanistan si waanze na Iraq kabla Cheney na Bush hawajakufa

wangetoa tu warrant of arrest abambwe arushwe guantanamo iwe funzo to other prospective prosecutors

Hio kangaroo court should be nuked.

Hio kangaroo court wafunge tu, it is a joke

By the way ICC husaidia Africans kivipi?

The US is the entire guarantor of the so called international order. In fact, international order is a myth and a creation of the US. There is no law at the UN that recognizes a thing like international order. What it means is that what is illegal to you might not be illegal to me.

The only recognized mechanism of the UN to bring the sovereign government of another nation is by conquering it in open warfare. If you want to take the US armies and government to court, you will need to concur them. That is is the only international order that exists. The UN was not created to prevent war, it was created to make sure everyone was playing fair during a war. Technically, there is no law the prevents the Us or any country from declaring war on African countries and demanding their total surrender.

What presents that from happening is the “international order” myth guaranteed by the USA which ensures that countries who play nice with them get priority and in return they have to somewhat respect sovereignty of other nations. That is what international order means, the illusion of international law is ridiculous.

This kangaroo court should be nuked with all the prosecutors inside

How does a political influenced investigation where the main culprit wasn’t even mentioned justice? Those little girls are indeed lucky that that kangaroo court agenda of installing the lop wasn’t realised