Benji alikua teenager early 90's

2019 jamaa ako kwa mamake bado

Maid ndio pia wanapitia tabu

He is an ODM diehard and a perennial whiner.

It means he is in his late 30s. Shameful to be living with parents at such an age

Math ilikucheza chenga kweli. 1990 to present is 29 years. Means he is in his forties msee from his public pronouncements.

Haijanichenga my friend. I was a teenager in 1994 and I am 38

Early nineties doesn’t necessarily mean 1990. It could be any year from 1990- 1994

Benji is in his mid 40’s.


Yep Benji is 45. Ni mtu najua in person

1994 is mid my fren.

1990 -93 - early

1994 -96 - mid

1997 - 99 - late

Men discussing other man’s ages. Ohh thy Oracle, what thine did to you to bestow upon me this outcast…

His age shouldn’t be an issue but his attitude towards his origins, he couldn’t amount to much by being disdainful towards it.

Kumbe hii chumvi pia umeikula.