Benjamin Mendy

Jamaa ameamua he aint going down that easy after a retrial of a rape case that was thrown out was ordered. He has released a video of him fucking the woman who said he raped him and as it seems there is no rape going on. The woman is seen enjoying the sex and even giving him oral sex. Video iko NYL telegram channel but beware Mendy has a big dick than y’all braggy motherfuckers.

Hawa wazungu are just hell bent to bring a black man down. If it’s possible, black men should just stick to black women or Latinos but not whites


link ya kutuingiza hiyo telegram, video iko wapi?

Wacha nikisaidie.

Search for Nairobi Youth Leaks

Mko slow sana, kitu iliangushwa past years, nyinyi mnaipata leo![ATTACH=full]493261[/ATTACH]

na hivyo ndio mendy amepata kazi xvideos na playboy.

It’s about money. Latino tried to bring down Neymar. Only thing is that he had strategically placed hidden cameras in his house.

So its safe to say deal na blacks tu ama Asians. Achana na wazungu watamaliza wewe.

Nope, just have evidence at all times. Nothing can stop scheming hoes, groupies and thots

Camera kila corner ya nyumba hadi kwa choo.



Itabidi camera and a signed legal document prepared by a well known lawyer proving consent. Hawa mzungu women wamekuwa moto ya kuota mbali tangu slavery.

Kuna kunguru za tagged pia hujifanya rape.Ukitoa kunguru tagged weka conversation