Benefits of Sobriety

I’ve been 6 months sober.

There’s nothing I loved more than drinking. I’d get blackouts almost daily. Waking up with no recollection of the previous night’s events.

After 6 months of sobriety, things are different. My tolerance level (for bullshit) is very low. I’ve amassed a healthy amount of esteem. This is freedom, manze. I quit my job a week ago. I realized I could run my own operation. Which I’m not in a hurry to do.

I no longer waste my time holding meaningless conversations with stupid people in bars. The desire to drink rarely ever cross my mind. I’m usually immersed in my hobbies. The only people I converse with are my family and a few friends.

Sobriety is refreshing.


As they say pombe sio supu,. You were truly living a reckless life drinking alcohol daily( DOD). Take any bottle of beer and you will read a warning on the label. Good that you quit before it’s too late. For me, let me continue enjoying my Tusker. About quitting your job, are you in an office job where you can’t run your side hustle and still keep the job

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Ukirudi DM Tuchape keg sophia joy nikushikie lanye to celebrate comeback

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I am currently working out a project on a glass of whiskey. You were an irresponsible drinker and you are lucky you quit before it killed you

You are an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a really medical disorder.
Wewe na pombe ni adui. You are on the right track.


I used to take a shot 3 to 4 nights a week. About 6 months ago, I woke up not feeling well. Anyway just went about my day, didn’t eat much. In the evening at about 6, I threw up. I could smell the whisky in my breathe then. Imagine, almost 20 hours after a ka shot. I didn’t drink whisky for the next 3 months.

  1. Avoid hard liquor at all costs. Whiskey, Vodka, etc hizo wacha. Pia wine chorea juu ya the high alcohol content.

  2. Drink beer sparingly kama once a month or less. Na ukikunywa ni one or two bottles. Maisha yangu yote sijawahi ona mtu amesalvage maisha yake from hard liquor. That’s usually the point of no return ukifika hapo ni impossible kuacha ulevi.

  3. Very few people are rich enough to not feel the financial pinch of being an alcoholic. 99% of men piss away their future on alcohol and cheap women. Drinking is a very expensive habit for 99% of men. Remember, most people in Kenya earn less than 50k per month. Imagine a regular guy earning a normal wage of 50k and drinking 8 beers per week or a mzinga+chasers. That’s a budget of at least 2k minimum per week on his alcohol pekee. Monthly hiyo ni 8k. Na hujahesabu hasara zingine associated na ulevi such as kununulia “mabeshte” moja moja moja, and the main expense kungurus. Utapata msee anaspend 15-20k of his 50k salary on alcohol-related expenses. If you are trying to get ahead in life financially alcohol is your #1 enemy. Its worse if you are self-employed juu you will ruin your biz inevitably. The freedom to drink whenever you want will do you in. Alcohol disproportionately affects the lowest earners because when they realize how expensive the habit is, they try to cut corners (buy spirits) and before they know it, they are already alcoholics.


Mtu ni alcoholic alafu unamshow drink beer sparingly?? Yani wewe unaona alcoholism ni kahabbit kadogo??


Congrats on your journey! Ata pia mimi niliamua niache pombe and it’s now over 2 months


Welcome to the sober club. 8 years since I took alkoho. The best time of my existence. I see things in a 3D.


I once got seriously drunk accidentally while partying with some jap potential business partners. They had brought some sh*t called sochu and they were drinking it in rounds like every 5 minutes. Mimi nikajiweka ndani. I discovered something called tolerance, of which I had very little.
Walinicheka mbaya as I was gagging and suffering wakaniitia taxi, then next day when my head was weighing 200kg, I get a phone call saying I got the job and do I want to party again?
Pombe ina wenyewe. Once you realize you can’t handle it, kunja mukiya na uiondokee polepole.


vipi mjamaa last weekend nimepiga laps kule Riruta nikaona a very big and busy butchery called Wanaruona butchery.Wewe ndio owner?


Wanauza soft meat za aina gani kwa hiyo “butchery”?


Soju or 소주 is a Korean alcoholic drink. It comes with the worst hangover.


Vile I manage alcoholic disease is simple , Mimi ulewa pesa nimebeba ghaseeer kwa road on my errands . Two or three beers a day can’t do harm therefore my pockets are Okey . Secondly I love the care walevi care for one another. They even call each other to confirm you arrived safely . That is never seen among church pretenders or sober fools .


Absolutely correct

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Azor mayai Mimi si msenge prissss


We nikama Mimi, nilikua na black out at least thrice a week, until about six months ago. Skuizi I wake early na jog ama aingia gym. Jioni I walk by the beach nikipiwa na upepo wa bahari…my brain and dick is back in business. I didn’t realize how dumb I had become… Anyway hongera kaka