Believers Beware

Do not be ignorant to the devil and his schemes. Scientific advancement that promotes mixing of plant and animal species is against God’s design. God’s design was clear…“AFTER ITS OWN KIND!!”

Discern the times people of God. Repent and ask for mercy from God.Intercede for your family, friends and society at large. Genetic manipulation of plants and animals is completely unbiblical and is a clear show of lawlessness.Do your research and ask God for wisdom and discernment.

Amplified Bible
Genesis 1:11
So God said, “Let the earth sprout [tender] vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit according to (limited to, consistent with) their kind, whose seed is in them upon the earth”; and it was so.

Amplified Bible
Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Without revealing His secret plan [of the judgment to come] To His servants the prophets.

so mshai ongea na God ama?

My 2 cents

Nothing that enters a man defiles a man… Plants were made for man, not man for plants.

Again NOTHING THAT ENTERS A MAN defiles a man… with this CHRIST made ALL FOOD CLEAN

God has no problem with GMOs… I can guarantee it. It has no impact on the Spirit. A righteous man won’t become unrighteous when he eats GMO maize (which we all have). And a sinner will not become righteous because he doesn’t eat the same.

And GMO plants produce according to their kind.

I @uwesmake and my bride @poyoloko we don’t care about this lullaby stories

Quite constructive…
Will get back at this with more details tomorrow.

Luke 17:26-30(Amplified Bible)
And just as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the time of [the second coming of] the Son of Man: 27 the people were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were being given in marriage, [they were indifferent to God] until the day that Noah went into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 It was the same as it was in the days of Lot. People were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building [carrying on business as usual, without regard for their sins]; 29 but on the [very] day that Lot left Sodom it rained fire and brimstone (burning sulfur) from heaven and destroyed them all. 30 It will be just the same on the day that the Son of Man is revealed.


Why did Jesus Christ speak about the days of Noah and Lot?
In the days of Noah, 3 key sins took place.When this 3 sins take place in any civilization, God must judge the people.ALWAYS.

1.The time of Noah was full of homosexuality.
2.The times of Noah was filled with aborshon practices.
3.The times of Noah were filled with a lot of unethical genetic engineering

The first 2 you already know about so I will not dwell there. However on these 2 topics I will refer you to do some deep research on two civilizations called Atlantis and Pompeii in Italy.Media and Google says that they were mythical locations.God says they were real and He judged them. Choose who you will believe.
God judged Atlantis and it sank in the sea while Pompeii had a volcanic eruption that killed many.Judgement by water and by fire…Sound familiar?

We need to understand that Yahweh is a God of order.He created everything according to His own wisdom and made man in his own image. However satan’s overall plan is to ensure that nothing that resembles God’s image is left on earth when Jesus comes.So satan is quickly moving to destroy God’s design.

How is he doing it?
3.Genetic Engineering.
In 3, he is mixing the genes of humans and animals…This is happening in this era as we speak.This is where creatures like mermaids and satyrs and other demonic and rebellious creatures come from.If you think these are mythical creatures. Seek Yah.

Mixing the genes of different plants is the other plot…Please take note that animals and plants with mixed genes do not reproduce effectively as those “of its kind” genes.This is how satan leads man to rebel against God’s mandate to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and have dominion. Acting in opposition of what God intended to achieve.

Sin is sin.The devil is an wise yet foolish strategist.He knows he has nothing to lose. He understands how God’s judgement works.All the devil needs is for the people to take the unclean things and thats it.GMO has maize genes mixed with that of a stalkborer. Are we saying that God was not wise enough when He created the plant and the animal independently? No scientific advancement will stop God’s judgement on the entire world.ONLY MERCY THROUGH REPENTANCE WILL SAVE THE ELECT. THE WICKED SHALL BE JUDGED.

Touch not the unclean thing. Do not tolerate evil. Separate yourself. Kindly see what Noah and Lot did when thy perceived judgement and act with wisdom. Separate yourself.

And like He said before. We are living in the last of days.We are clearly told that the man of perdition will come with deceptions so great that even they may even deceive the elect. Dont expect satan to tell you that genetic engineering is evil .He is the author of confusion. He will create some type of narrative around science to confuse the unwise.

Whether you decide to take it or not take that is up to you. However I was simply tasked to pass a message so that people do not fall blindly as they fell for the scientific solution of the great disease of 2020.

Like He said before judgement is coming. Drought of extraordinary proportions is coming. Repent. Stay away from all forms of sin

The ONLY thing protecting Africa is the mercy of God. NOTHING ELSE. The intercessory prayers being lifted by those who understand the times are helpful but they will only last a short while if people do not repent .And its because unlike European Nations and America, Africa still has some hope in repentance and sanctification. Eitherway, soon, you will see these things with your eyes.

People of Jesus Christ please listen.Separate yourselves from wickedness. REPENT and Believe in Jesus Christ.[ATTACH=full]489040[/ATTACH]

Where does God say he judged Atlantis?

Brother rely on the Bible alone for spiritual guidance.

Christ made ALL food lawful because nothing that ENTERS the mouth can defile.

Ponder that.

The Bible says nothing about Atlantis. It says nothing about Atlantis being punished for GMOs.

Be very careful not to add to the holy text.

If you are against GMOs, why should we only stop at the food?

The clothes we wear are from GMO plants… Think about that.

The drugs we use…

Penicillin is mass produced by GMOs.
Insulin by GMO bacteria and Pigs.

Should we also forego these and other similar forms of medication?

What of the clothes?

Peter warned against adding any extra burden to the believers.

Even food sacrificed to idols has no effect and Paul asks that we don’t go worrying about if food is sacrificed to idols in the market place.

This is food directly sacrificed to demons. And Pauls tells the people of his time that when received with Thanksgiving, the food is pure.

But you would argue that a scientific endeavour is more sinful than a demonic sacrifice?

Be very careful not to write myths into the holy text.

Are you suggesting that mermaids are a genetic mixing of men and fish?

My brother I wish you would only rely of the holy text for spiritual conclusions.

Again, to not be hypocritical, we can’t just cherry pick the GMOs to abandon.

If you have family members or church members tell them about these GMOs:

  1. Vaccines.

These includes all the vaccines children get. Don’t vaccinate your kids and warn the Church and Family against these GMOs.

  1. Insulin

If you have anyone who uses insulin, warn them against this sinful GMO.

  1. The USA

Warn people against visiting the US because 90%+ of maize is GMO there.

If you are not willing to take a stand against insulin and vaccines, then your position on GMOs will be hypocritical.

And what’s your position on the EXPLICIT statement of Christ that food can’t defile?


Please note that I did not say one should not eat GMO…if you feel led to eat…EAT. I am fully aware that God has the ability to protect people against what they eat.This is not my point brother. My point is you should rely on God on this matter and not the scientists.I did not say research is wrong.Research is very productive. But we should separate between ethical and unethical scientific advancements.Most of the unethical scientific experimentation is actually diabolical witchcraft. Projects like the Cern in Switzerland. However, I know on whose initiative I speak. 5,10,15,20,40 years he has not revealed yet when his full judgement will come here. All I know is God sees what some men are doing in underground labs which use kidnapped people,orphans as labs rats.Only God sees that. If you think all you see in the movies is just a lie.Ask yourself why movies lately are all about occultic practices and scientific advancement, AI, man to man relationships and the rest.Google “Predictive programming”. But let God be the final say. Lets wait and see what is true.God will soon EXPOSE ALL THAT IS HIDDEN. NOTHING WILL BE LEFT UNTURNED.

Do I support indecent what society promotes? No.l do not support indecent dressing, corruption, lying ,adultery, cohabiting and many other internal acts that the Bible condemns .However in this particular text I was just sharing what the Lord revealed to me.And once again, if you feel led to eat.Eat. If you do not feel led to eat.Do not eat.God checks the heart.If you eat because you are too attached to civilization and the luxuries of life and are afraid of living by God’s Word…or eating more natural foods GOD CAN SEE. if you are eating because you have firm faith in God that nothing that enters the body can harm the body.GOD CAN SEE. So once again…Lets wait and see.

Concerning Atlantis and Pompeii…All I will say is that the Bible in Daniel 12:4 clearly says in the latter days, knowledge will increase.While Atlantis is not quoted in the Bible…Let me leave some Bible verses here and use discernment.


I know we walk with God…lets ask Him in prayer and fasting and He will reveal to us His deep mysteries.
Concerning adding to the doctrine.There are other books that give more details of the works of Yahweh and the end times that are non cannonical. Daniel 12:4 says in the latter days KNOWLEDGE WILL INCREASE. The Bible as it is gives full details on the deity of Jesus Christ. It is sufficient as it is. To those who pursue wisdom, he has revealed more details of the end times in this time.

All other literature on God MUST conform to the Bible.Period.

Find time and search the Bible deeper and unpack other books detailed in the Bible…Like the Book of Jasher (2nd Samuel 2:18).The Book of Gad the Seer (1 Chronicles 29:29) and others concealed in the Bible.Ensure you get the right versions of the books because we have some misleading ones out there. You will be shocked what mysteries are hidden in the Bible.He is also revealing details through visions and dreams to prophets and prophetesses of things to come.




I do not intend to discuss this matter further here because we all interact with Yahweh in different capacities and therefore I do not wish to cause young ones to stumble. Dont believe what I say.Go to Jesus and read the Bible.Pray.Fast. But as the Lord leads me to proclaim and warn.THAT I MUST DO. Yahweh says HE HAS HIS PEOPLE HERE… Otherwise I would not be here raising this warning. They that hear this will know on whose initiative I speak and act.

Finally, Just some insight. Let us know that we cannot beat deception with logic. WE NEED DISCERNMENT. WE need HUMILITY. THEN WISDOM OF THE WORD OF GOD. This is what leads to DISCERNMENT,the gift of the Spirit to tell between WHAT IS TRUE and WHAT IS ALMOST TRUE. HUMILITY is the starting point.Accepting that you do not know everything.Then WISDOM which is listening and checking the Word of God in entirety,understanding patterns of the past and present and asking God to show you truth in prayer and fasting about the future. Let us accept that we do not know everything.There are mysteries hidden in plain sight and unless Jesus reveals to you you cannot perceive or even believe how deceived mankind is.From a very young age…man is so deceived if not completely deceived.All I will say lets be like children, willing to hear and search the Word of God.New wine cannot go into old wineskins.We are in the end times.This is not business as usual.We have to unlearn and relearn the Word of Yahweh. Let us be willing to hear and act on what the Holy Spirit says in this latter days.

I will provide a telegram link for those who want to go deeper with Yahweh.

May we praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Only He deserves Praise.

Ok sir…Maybe you are right sir. Or maybe I am.Lets wait and see.
We will see these things.
Everything that is hidden will be exposed.We will know the truth.

Food cannot defile.Whether you eat pork or not, it does not defile a man.However if you are among believers who do not eat pork, you should not eat because you will be a stumbling block before them.Such an act should be done as a show of love.

But on the above matter.I am clear.

The motive is the most important thing in everything, the technology is good how you use it is another thing all together. You can nuclear fusion technology to produce power or to make bombs, same with genetic engineering.

God can’t reveal anything that breaks prevents in His word. That’s how you test the Spirits.

You said that God said He destroyed Atlantis for GMO. I would love to see evidence of that.

It’s not proper to make such statements… To decree matters and claim them from God with no evidence.

God isn’t Anti-Science!!!

That’s a very extremist form of faith.

Do you know Paul called upon Timothy to use wine for His stomach?

That’s science.

Be very careful on what you hear… Watch what you hear.

All you need is in the Bible! Any doctrine that you can’t get from the Bible as a standalone read isn’t a godly doctrine.

I wish you grasped the magnitude of what I have just said.

Any doctrine that you can only source from non-Biblical sources isn’t Godly.

All those books you mention, do you agree with everything they say, or do you cherry pick?

If you are to deem a source as divinely inspired, then you should hold true the entirety of the doctrines it teaches.

Use that yardstick, re-read the texts and tell me if you still believe them divine.

ANY DOCTRINE you can’t get from the Bible as currently constituted isn’t Godly.

Make a habit of being a Bible Purist. Found everything on Biblical precepts.

You have suggested man fish DNA is responsible for Mermaids.

Such claims being at the core of your arguments in a biblical debate should alarm you.

You say God says he destroyed Atlantis… Nothing like that in the Bible.

If these are revelations, be very careful of spiritual revelation that has no biblical support… It can NEVER be Godly.

Again. THE BIBLE!!!

Any form of spiritual guidance or doctrine you have to source outside the Bible can’t be Godly.

@Yahshuaonly I am going to end this with a warning in love because I am so tired of seeing young believers swept away by every wave of doctrine.

Be very careful about anything and everything not in the Bible.

Avoid Apocryphal text… There isn’t a single apocryphal text that doesn’t break core tennets of Christian doctrine as taught by Christ and the Apostles.

Do you know all of the Catholic Church’s idolatry is based on Apocryphal books?

I have seen zealous belivers lose their way to Appcryphal texts.

The reason is simple.

Unless you’re very hypocritical in your reading, you MUST absorb all teachings of text you deem divinely inspired.

These texts break core Christian doctrines so you are left with two contradictory sources. One being the Bible the other Apocrypha.

What I have seen happen repeatedly is people mash up the two.

They take pieces of the Apocrypha, conveniently turning a blond eye to Apocryphal text that breaks biblical doctrine, and add it to biblical text.

This is how cults are born.

The BIBLE as constituted suffices. You need no additional text, nor any additional commentary.

I wish all Christians understood this. Just Read the BIBLE and be satisfied with this most wonderful book.

Any attempt to find information that the Bible doesn’t offer can only go wrong.

I ask with a lot of love.

Read every apocryphal text you have read and tell me if you agree with all the doctrines therein.

If you must cherry pick repeatedly from a text to keep it doctrinally coherent, the text isn’t of God.

We can cherry pick the Quran and say it is supportive of Christianity.

But the moment you can’t agree with the whole of a text, ignore it.

Because how do you justify one paragraph being true and the next being false?