Believe it Or Not

Its approximately 6 yrs since the eviction of fishermen living in this small piece of land!This plot is situated just behind KPA estate(Gorofani) and it was a home to many fishermen from the “Duruma” community.
The fishermen woke up one morning and found county “bulldozers” ready to make them homeless by demolishing their homes since a “white tycoon” was interested in building a school in their piece of land.
The proposed “Kaa Chonjo” Primary started immediately after the houses were demolished! The owners of house cursed the whole process and promised that no structure will ever erect in that piece of land and it seems true!
The contractor started by building a iron sheet fence round the plot.
The project stopped in less than 3 months and it has never resumed 5 yrs down the line.
A security company “Texas” withdrew its services recently since the white had not paid for services for the last 6 months.When Texas withdrew, the following day,all the iron sheets used as the fence were all stolen!Building materials worth thousands of Ksh has been stolen,!The locals are busy with hand carts looting sand,concrete bricks etc on the site!
Its alleged 2 county bosses who engineered the deal died 2 yrs.The white tycoon is struggling with alcoholism in Mtwapa and seen insane since he ain’t aware that he had a project somewhere.
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Pwani Kuna mengi, pia Kuna some small estate of around 20 houses near mwakirunge dumpsite that were built on evictees land, rumor has it that they are haunted, no tenants to date

The israelis had a great vision for mwakirunge but it was shot down na wenya mombasa, the estate is called Hachienda.

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Personally, am not superstitious, all I know projects halts every day worldwide. Even the one below

enda uishi hachienda kama wewe ni noma


Juju I don’t think so
I think this situation can be more appropriately described by “what goes around comes around”
the consequences of one’s actions will have to be dealt with eventually
the two county bosses paid the ultimate price and were victims of there own corrupt policies (no juju required here)
as for the mlami he is just getting what he gave (I think people here call it Karma)
that’s just how the world works
pay back will not happen in mythical hell or haven as most religious freaks believe
Pay back happens right here on EARTH


Give me the physical address. Niko na tent ready.

So black magic is an enemy of development

Believing in witchcraft is intellectual laziness


Karma = bullshit. Hakuna kitu kama hiyo

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Loot a school that will help future generations and your children? When the locals are in their 80s and wondering why they don’t have local doctors to treat their arthritis. …

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juju = bullshit. Hakuna kitu kama juju


There is also another estate in shimanzi area just b4 makupa causeway, the place been deserted for ages, I wonder y

hahaha ndio maanake!


Kaa chonjo? Ni jina walikosa?
Hao wachawi wana curse watu mbona wasitumie huo uchawi kuboresha maisha yao? Uchawi na dini ziko ligi moja

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I wonder

Mganga hajigangi.

So whats the point of having something that can help u?

hehehe ati juju. it is typical Kenyan ineptness.