Belgium GP

That moment of silence was too sad!

Team Vettel here, it’s been a while since my guy won a race…

leo Lecleric anachukua

Hahaha. Fan boy wa Mad Max.

Atapitwa na hamilton and finish third

Ata pitwa na hamilton.

I have a feeling this season Ferrari gave Leclerc a faster car…

Ndiye anaongoza

I hate it when Hamilton overtakes Vettel

It’s time for Vettel to move on from Ferrari…

Mad respect to Hamilton. From 7 seconds to 0.9seconds. If the race was 45 laps he’d have won it.

Nikukuambia sikiza

Vettel was the preferred Ferrari driver if you recall the first races of the season.

You know very well Leclerc ameponea sana that race. Ilikuwa apitwe. That crash by Giovanazi saved him

Not really, Vettel held Hamilton off and allowed Leclerc to pull away, without that Hamilton would have won easy…

Felt bad for Lando Norris, maintained position 5 from the first lap. Gari imebreakdown on the final lap.

Vettel today was a team player. Ferrari is installing new power units (engines) for the next race, let’s see how it turns out.

Yes. The holding back by Vettel was pivotal for Leclerc win. But that crash by Giovanazi also helped him. Anyway it’s about yo get interesting and competitive in the coming races since Ferrari engine will be better than Mercedes

Leo hawajamwaga pombe