Beirut Lebanon

Must be a nuclear weapon which exploded. Shait!!


They say fireworks not nuclear explosion…

A nuke would flatten the city and incinerate everything. The shockwave would kill the cameraman and the electromagnetic pulse would fry electronics for miles. If ever a nuclear warhead detonates you won’t hear about it from the victims.

Someone messed up something,my favorite country after Syria

the initial one inakaa fireworks but the second one must be something different, being a port lazima kuna some explosive materials were in a storage somewhere

Kama kuna mahustler hii dunia ni watu wa Lebanon. Any country that has war wao huwa among the first investors.

they are saying that fireworks container was but it ignited nitrous ignited which caused that huge explosion

Something huge has happened there. Tried checking Al Jazeera but they are just live tryna gather some leads. It’s really HUUUUGE.


katambe katambe:D:D:D

How the fuck is that fireworks?:D:D

I highly doubt that is fire crackers.

Arabs experimenting with some some serious shit






That last video is remarkable


It’s not fireworks.

ISIS tings


Pictures of humans… This was devastating

Kwa first video kuna jamaa wa gari ya black mtu hupenda mushene kama @Ndindu or @digi alipark kando ndio ajionee. He could have gotten away but huyo sasa atafutwe Beirut mortuary. Sad.