Being too nice to a woman these days

She will exploit you, play with your feelings and leave you high and dry… But beta males will never get this. Be unpredictable…

In short don’t chase pussy let the cat chase you

Hapa iko hekaya ,Leta ikiwa 3D,HD, dobly surround na snacks , as we read the hekaya

1.Spending too much time with your woman dilutes your masculinity
2.A man should not hang around his woman all the time like a tick. He will lose value and she will dump him.

hekaya loading … I just smelt a rat

MGTOW rules 2 of the many

angusha hekaya

Being too nice to women is a sign of desperation and a lack of options… Women are bloodhounds when it comes to sensing desperation from men, watakukamua sawasawa.

Have options when it comes to women, ata kama ni malaya… Always have at least 3 to 4 women unakula on a constant basis, the more you interact with women the more you realize that they’re not worth the money…

Stop wasting your hard-earned monies on women, that’s a sure path to poverty

Never trust a woman until she’s dead and buriiiied!!!

Ushasema chief! The more u interact with women the more u realize how inter-changeable they are

be fucking mysterious.

Hii rat huwa muna smell Ni jamaa huwa AME roast Ama fry ?

Women smell desperation in guys the same way sharks smell blood in the water. The moment she smells desperation in you, she’ll treat you worse than a shit pile.

I sensed this and pulled a fast one on her by creating an artificial disagreement. Now she is wondering happened! She noticed I had fallen for her then akaanza madharau. The sister keeps telling to forgive her if she did me wrong. Women are funny creatures, you show interest they start madharau, you disappear they want you.

Age old wisdom. I guess that why guka was always at the muratina den.

Sane isht but different cast… akianza dharau just duck…

Your guka was an alcoholic junkie, nothing more nothing less

see you’ve seen what happened to that twitter jeengah on another thread here…kafala.

Proverbs King Solo atuambia hivi “Giveth not thy strength unto a woman…

in other words, be a man.

Hekaya ndio hii